About Us


BPM Fitness Studios offer our members a High-Intensity, Circuit based training workout that is Fun, Effective and extremely Addictive! The workouts are designed around functional strength and cardio based activities designed to give you a total body workout.

When you train with us you will always receive expert coaching and guidance by our skilled trainers and a different and challenging session every-day. With no timetable and the ability to start your session every 3 minutes you are free to train on YOUR TERMS (during our operating hours).

The Heart Never Lies is our philosophy (hence the name BPM – Beats Per Minute), so tracking of your heart rate during your workouts, using state of the art technology, is an essential  component of our offering. Training to a specified Heart Rate Zone is critical for a safe, effective and results based experience.







Benefits of High Intensity Training:

  • Its Quick (45 mins)
  • Burns more Calories
  • Builds a Healthier Heart
  • Increases your Metabolism
  • Builds Lean Muscle and reduce Fat

Come and reach your Fitness Goals with us! Your first session is always FREE!