Get your body scan

Body Composition Scans

The type of training you will be doing with us at BPM Fitness Studios is designed to help reduce fat levels and build lean muscle in the body. If you are only monitoring your progress on the scales this may not give you the full story and can often lead to disappointment if you see no real change in weight.    

Regular scans using our Tanita Body Composition machine will allow you to see a much more precise and complete picture of your overall progress and is a much better reflection of your hard work!

STEP 1. –  Login to the Kiosk using your BPM Fitness Studios App

STEP 2. –  Enter your height (if not already in your profile)

STEP 3. –  Remove your shoes and socks and step onto the Tanita machine

STEP 4. – Grab onto the handles, remove them from the holders and hold down to your sides

STEP 5. – When the screen shows you that the scan has completed it will instruct you to place the handles back in the holder and step off the machine

STEP 6. –  Your results will be displayed on the connected Kiosk and also transferred directly to your BPM Fitness Studios App for tracking and easy progress comparison

STEP 7. –  Your trainer will be able to help you understand the results