How to use the App

Our BPM Fitness App has been designed for our members to enhance their experience while training with us in the studio. It allows you to track your performance data from each and every session and enables your body composition scans to be stored and monitored over time to track progress and improvement.


To download our App go to either the Apple Store or Google Play Store and search BPM FITNESS STUDIOS

The App has 2 main screens to navigate. These are:



– Outdoor GPS Activity Tracker should you wish to track your exercise outside of the studio

– Connect Apps & Devices to store all of your movement data in the one place

– Weekly Leaderboard to show the top movers in the studio



– Shows your daily movement tally

– Tap on your photo to edit your user information

– Graphs your Daily, Weekly & Monthly movement

– Graphs your Body Measurements from the scans

– Shows your session HR stats (eg. time in intensity, Avg HR & Max HR etc)