• What a great find! An amazing gym with state of the art equipment and wonderful staff! The trainers make sure to bring the best out of you at every session, and with the heart rate monitor provided and body scans it’s very easy to track your progress. There’s also a kind of community feel where you can organise to train with the same people and push each other. A big shout out to Anthony Garcia and Reeve Walsh who always make sure you train hard but also have fun!  

            Ildi S.

  • This place is the EPICENTER of awesomeness. The team at BPM have done a great job in building a world class training facility. You can smell the team spirit and camaraderie between the trainers and those sweating through the sessions before you even enter. I love how the program is science based and constantly changing and challenging. A great environment to work out, meet new people, have a laugh and get results. Check it out.

            Rosey H.

  • Absolutely love the team at BPM! The trainers make you feel welcomed and motivate you to go your best. Since joining I’ve found a love for exercise and can feel myself getting fitter and stronger every time. Highly recommend anyone to come down for a trial, you will not be disappointed.

            Hayley K.

  • For someone who couldn’t bare the thought of exercising, the team at BPM Fitness Hampton have definitely changed my attitude towards getting fit. The fact that I don’t have to book into a class and I can show up whenever I want during operating hours is a huge plus for me. Anthony has been fantastic and has been very supportive in getting me to push myself, even when I really haven’t wanted to! BPM Hampton is by far the best gym I have ever been a member of.

            Emire L.

  • I cant rate BPM highly enough. The team are fantastic and i am fitter and healthier than i have been in my life.

            Julie J.

  • BPM is amazing. So flexible, you just turn up when you can and go for it. The trainers are amazing and encouraging and you just let them know how you feel on the day, and they support you. Using the BPM App is such a motivator as you can see your moves each day. The body scan machine gives you all the necessary info on how you are progressing. I have seen vast improvements in my fitness within 3 weeks.

            Sheena K.

  • Great gym that provides high intensity workouts based around hart rate zones and technique. I would highly recommend anyone that is looking at joining a gym or want to try something different to come and try it.

            Sam S.

  • Awesome setup and good team.

            Ty H.

  • I’m so sad to not be training at BPM Fitness anymore its honestly changed my whole mind set on eating and exercise. You and all of the trainers have taught me so much!

            Jacinta M.